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Automatic Millionaire
  Do you know what the government knows about you and your saving habits.
  The government knows you will not save 
  That is why we have an Internal Revenue Service  and Social Security  service for retirement. 
  They automatically deduct for this reason.
  You are not saving. 

  Set up you own Millionaire Banking System
Track the governments system using their Social Security  formula top become your own retirement millionaire 
You must set up an automatic deduction system of your own at the rate of 10% per monthly pay check to a separate banking account, government savings bond, CDs, mutual fund or 401k and do not touch it until age 65 
Dont live from paycheck to paycheck 
Start now to save to be a millionaire when you retire 
Four steps to follow: 

1: Pay yourself first 
         Pay yourself the first hour of each day you work 
2: Make it automatic 
         Deduct and put in a seperate account 
3. Buy a home and pay it off early 
        Set up a bi-weekly plan making payments twice a month gives you one extra payment a year. This can be set up with the bank automatically which will pay a 30 year mortgage off in 15 years. This biweekly payment can be setup with your personal banker in a 10 minute call 
4: Operate from an all cash basis


NOTE:    On your personal home under no circumstances take out a second mortgage or revolving credit line

NOTE: Investment properties other than your personal home you may due  home equity loans only

Wipe out Credit Card and Become a Millionaire

- Cut up credit cards
- Increase payments of credit cards to 50% more than minimum payment    to payoff debt.     
- Increase money by 5% to 10 % each year into 104K and /or other automatic systems you have set up  for saving to your retirement .

Fixing Your Life

- Tell the truth about credit card debt
- Tell the truth about your  money. How much you earn.
- If married look at the money where it goes as a team. What each person spends to the penny.
- Make credit payment s on time. This keep the rate increase down
- Save 10% of you make. (Bonds, Cd’s mutual funds, saving accounts, 104K)
- Save in money Market Account separate for a trip in the future. (Vacations )
- Stay inside your budget  no matter what

It is your money.
Money earned by you is to be invested  wisely for your future Security.
You are the only one that can control your money


Presented by Mr. Herbert Otey