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Why You Need a Professional Property Manager

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Manager

Saves you time, work, and stress:

You don't have to hire someone to clean, paint, or make repairs.
You don't have to advertise, take rental calls, and show the property.
You don't have to screen applications and be apprehensive about who to pick.
You don't have to execute a rental agreement, worry about adding addendums, fill out the move-in inspection report, and deposit money.
You don't have tenants calling at all hours of the day and night.
You don't have to confront tenants on tough issues like collecting rent or taking better care of the property.
You don't have to collect NSF(Non-Sufficient Funds) checks.
You don't have to serve legal notices or start an eviction.
You don't have to schedule and fill out the move-out inspection report.
You don't have to mail the tenant's accounting report and refund check.
You don't have to start the process all over again.

You don't have to worry about the property or be shocked by its condition when you hire a Professional Property Manager. Professional Property Managers are dedicated to selecting quality tenants and keeping your investment in good repair with minimal cost. They want your real estate investment to be a success not a failure. One last benefit - your leasing and management fees are usually a tax deduction.

What Distinguishes a Professional Property Manager from other Landlords?

Do you know all of the landlord/tenant laws for your city, state, and federal government?
Do you know rent values, vacancy factors, and time on the market in your area?
Do you have a rental application and consistent screening policies that meet all of your legal obligations?
Do you take the time to perform thorough move-in/move-out written inspections and routine property inspections?
Do you personally know reputable painters, electricians, roofers, plumbers, carpenters, carpet, A/C, appliances and maintenance repairmen who are licensed, affordable, and reliable?
Do you effectively confront and negotiate with the tenant and enforce the terms of your lease agreement?
Do you have the ability to recover NSF checks, evict tenants, and collect bad debts?


Otey House
Property Maintenance & Repairs

Our Services


Pest Control                                             
Pool Cleaning    
Minor roof repairs     
Erect and repair non-bearing                                                                     
Clean out gutters & repairs
Exterior house painting
Mailbox replacement
Replace washing lines
Water blasting path/decks 
Repair stairs and steps
Lawn Maintenance - Landscaping  
Garbage and Rubbish removal
Weather board repairs 
Weed Spraying 
and more

Interior partitions 
Repair of windows        
Repair of floors    
Door and locks
Leaking taps
Broken window catches
Jamming doors/door installation
Door handles/door stops
Interior house painting
Install curtain rails
Replace hinges doors/cabinets
Wardrobe rails/ towel rails/ brackets
Remove broken light bulbs from sockets
Shower door seals
Shower head replacement 
Repair of walls and frames                                                                              
(not exceeding one story above grade)
and more


Managing Repairs to Your Rental Property

Buying a rental property is not like buying a stock or bond. A house is a physical thing. Someone is going to live in it and things are going to break. Not only do you have an ethical obligation to provide a safe and livable environment for the family that is renting from you, you also have a business obligation to your own pocketbook to ensure that you are maximizing the return on your investment.

You need to start thinking about repairs before you buy the property. When you are running the numbers and evaluating the potential investment you need to take repairs into consideration. Most investors will naturally consider outflows like mortgage payments, insurance, fees and taxes, but many fail to make an allocation for the repairs that will need to be made on the property.

Some of the repairs can be foreseen.

How old is the roof? You can probably predict more or less when you will need to replace it. How about the air conditioning system? Or the carpeting? Some items have a natural lifespan and you can predict when these replacement costs will hit.

Other items are not so predictable.  So a rule of thumb that we use is to simply budget an annual expenditure of 1.5% of the property value for repairs - meaning that on a $100,000 property we expect to spend around $1,500 per year.  Once a repair is necessary and it is time to pull out your checkbook, make a point of getting to it quickly. Be realistic about what you can do yourself and when you need to get a professional on the job.

You can save time and money by getting an expert to handle the job.




Mr. Herbert L. Otey
Executive Director / President




Mr. Herbert L. Otey is a United States Air Force Decorated Honors Veteran. While in the Air force he was Crew Chief of B52 Airplane and  he completed Airframe and Power plant Certificates and  licensed by Emory Riddle Aeronautical University . He was stationed in Homestead Air Force base where he meet his wife (Annie  B. Taylor )  and has been  married for 39 years. After his honorable discharge he went on to obtain his bachelor of science in Business Administration and Management from Florida  Memorial University, where he join the Free Mason.   

Mr. Otey owns several Corporations in the State of Florida for Profit and Non-Profit. He has served on the Board of Code Enforcement for the City of North Miami where he has resided since 1984 .  Mr. Otey was a past Executive Directors member of the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce  (retired). He still an active member of North Miami Chamber of Commerce .



Mr. Otey has been a Section 8  Landlord for Miami-Dade since 1984 .
Mr. Otey holds contract with City of  Miami and Miami -Dade County Housing Rentals with Properties located in the Miami, North Miami, Miami-Dade County also Managing additional property in the state of Virginia.

Mr. Otey now is using his years of experience in  property management , property rentals,  purchase of properties and sales of  properties to help others make there property investments profitable.

 Operator of Dwelling City of North Miami.- current
Miami - Dade Property Management and Maintenance Contractor

We have an extensive list of most reliable handymen and contractors available for coordinate maintenance and repairs.