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Otey House
Community Development Corporation
501(c)(3) Non - profit  Organization

Business Description

Otey House C.D.C. is a Non-profit 501(C)(3) registered in Florida .We are an organized

exclusively for charitable, and educational purposes, including programs and projects

that will include:

Affordable Housing Projects - Housing for disadvantaged Persons

Affordable Rental Projects,
Affordable Rehab Housing Projects

Housing for those whom suffer from Substance Abuse

Community Development

Entrepreneurial Enhancement and Development,

Sheltering and Housing of the Homeless,

Providing Housing for Persons living with HIV/AIDS,

Housing for Senior Citizens through Assisted Living Facilities - for Senior Citizens/ Disabled Veterans

Provisional sheltering for victims of Domestic Violence,

Housing for Youth/Youth Runaways

Life of self Sufficiency

Entrepreneurial Enhancement and Development


This Non-profit Organization is for the purpose of engaging in charitable and educational

missions to provide a set of programs, projects and services to enhance the quality of life

for seniors, young adults and youth.



Executive Summary

Mr. Herbert L. Otey  
President / Executive Director

Mr. Herbert L. Otey is a United States Air Force Decorated Honors Veteran. While in the Air force he was Crew Chief of B52 Airplane and  he completed Airframe and Power plant Certificates and  licensed by Emory Riddle Aeronautical University . He was stationed in Homestead Air Force base where he meet his wife (Annie  B. Taylor )  and has been  married for 40 years. After his honorable discharge he went on to obtain his bachelor of science in Business Administration and Management from Florida  Memorial University.

Herbert L. Otey served as CEO/owner of Otey Inc, janitorial services for 10 years. He has had more than 9 full time staff and 100 subcontractors under his management. Otey Inc., obtained major contracts with U.S. Postal Service, South Dade Government Center,  Miami Orange Bowl Stadium and Miami Grand Prix races.

Mr. Otey owns several Corporations in the State of Florida for Profit and Non-Profit.
 He was appointed  by the Mayor of North Miami as a judge for three terms on the Board of Code Enforcement for the City of North Miami where he has resided since 1984 . Mr. Otey was a past Executive Directors of the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce  (retired). He still an active member of North Miami Chamber of Commerce. He has been a member of the North Miami Mayor's Task Force, held a seat on the City of  North Miami Zoning Board .Mr. Otey sat on the board of Directors Harrison Museum of African American Culture in Roanoke, VA he also volunteered numerous hours.
Mr. Otey  has also donated his time at  President Thomas Jefferson estates in Poplar Forest , Virginia locating recorded hidden realty and cabins of ex-slaves . His findings of ex-slave real estate helped to foster the book “Hidden Lives” written by Dr. Barbra J. Heath publish by University Press of Virginia, 1999.

 Operator of Dwelling City of North Miami.- current
Miami - Dade Property Management and Maintenance Contractor


Annie  T. Otey
Vice President / Director

Annie Otey Co-Owner of Otey Inc, janitorial services for 10 years. She retired with 35 year of service with Bell South . She has obtain several Management certificates and managed several work groups with 35-to-50 employees .She also has worked as a project manager and Service Manager with many large prominent companies and individuals.

Annie T. Otey has a Bachelor Degree of Professional Study's from Barry University .


Present Position

Mr. and  Ms. Otey has been a Section 8  Landlord for Miami-Dade since 1984 . Mr. and Ms. Otey holds contract with City of  Miami and Miami -Dade County Housing Rentals with Properties located in the City of Miami, North Miami, Miami-Dade County also Managing additional property in the state of Virginia.

Mr. and Ms. Otey are now  using their years of experience in  property management , property rentals,  purchase of properties and sales of  properties to help others make their property investments profitable.


How It Happen

Herbert Otey and Annie T. Otey  created Otey House Community Development Corporation out of their concern with  the lack of availability and development of programs, projects, classes and services provided and available to senior citizen ,those who suffer from substance abuse, persons living with HIV/AIDS and economic disadvantaged persons. Having suffered economic disadvantages we ultimately found ways to succeeded in sustaining ourselves as well as contributing to the economic growth of our family and community through real estate investment.